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How to view the Photo inside the Pendant? 
There are 3 ways of viewing the photo inside:  
1: With your own Eyes
Just look through the circle of the pendant
Hold it towards a source of light and do not cover the backside with your fingers
You need to hold it really really close to your eyes to see it.
The closer the better you can see it.  
2: Camera of your phone 
Just hold the circle of the pendant to the camera of your phone.
It has to be really close as well. Lense touching the necklace.
This sometimes can be a bit tricky, just try to move it around until you can see the whole image.   
3: Projection onto the wall 
Hold the flashlight of your phone against the backside of the necklace.
Shine the light through the middle of the stone
Pendant needs to be upside down as it is a projection.
The distance to the wall should be around 1 meter, the room needs to be dark  
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