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Special Custom Message

Special Custom Message

Special Custom Message

Regular price $4.90

Add a Special customized message to Your order and surprise your loved ones even more 

You just need to tap your phone on the NFC Tag and the message/photo will pop up on your phone screen

The NFC option on your phone must be switched on for it to be working 

3 Options Available: 

  • Text Only
  • Photo Only 
  • Text + Photo 

What our Customers say:

This was literally the best Gift I have ever made in my Life. my Girlfriend started crying full of Joy and was super happy with it. She is wearing it literally every day.

Brian James

The Amore Necklace was the best Christmas Gift of 2022. It was a Gift from my fiance and it had a photo of our engagement trip inside which is the cutest thing ever. I LOVE this Necklace.

Kimberly Jenkins

This is the cutest Necklace I have ever came across. You can project the picture inside on a wall with your phone! How cool is that? But you can also see it all the time by just looking through! What an amazing Idea

Anna Mascot

The Picture says it all: I am wearing the Necklace every day and can take my favorite photo everywhere. It helps me through this difficult times as I miss my boyfriend a lot so I can always look at it and think back to this very moment.

Jess Banks
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